Tuesday, March 8, 2011

oh, hey there internet....

i must admit that i have been letting my internet presence lack. my website has been out of date for a couple years now, and my blog, which sort of ended up taking over the website has been neglected as well. I've been out of town quite a bit (thats a whole 'nother entry) and i let my web hosting lapse and i think i lost my whole old website. but its more of a blessing than a curse as i desperately needed to start fresh with a new format. I'll be getting together a new site in the coming weeks focusing on just my later works and illustration projects. it needs to be done.

but for now heres my latest painting:

for the INLE show at gallery 1988 this friday (march 11th), curated by greg 'craola' simkins, its gunna be a great show and i'm proud to be a part.