Saturday, January 24, 2009

hidden gems series

i recently took a trip up to the bay area, and drew up a bunch of goofy little flyer sized messages warning of the impending doom facing humanity. then i walked around SF for a couple days gluing them to things. they all look see through because they are still soaked with paste:

its for fun!


Uhmeeleeuh said...

sometimes men wear stretchypants. Iz for fun!

<3 all of these.

Z. said...

These are all great, some actually made me laugh loudly, haha.

It's really nice to see that someone who can render fine paintings still goes around doing wonderful, fun and unpretentious art like this. You rock the Casbah, mate.

unurth said...

these are just awesome... i love it

zoso said...

cheers! LA is next!