Wednesday, February 4, 2009

high school arts building

i was recently invited by a high school art teacher (whom shares only one degree of separation from knowing me in a couple different directions) to contribute to decorating his school's art building. he is a huge fan of graffiti and street art, and is using it as a medium to teach kids that art cannot only be cool and within their reach, but also to encourage them to stand out and make a statement. Manual Arts High in South Central has a bad rap and is a typical institutionalized inner-city school with all the problems associated with them, but with the exception of the art building with Mr. _______'s help. As you can see i am in good company and there are several more well known heads on deck to contribute very soon. the kids were stoked and it was a rad experience! i wish my high school had this going on!


B said...

you updated...yay!

Anonymous said...

Thats cool man, i went to Manual Arts high back early-mid 1990s-

Kirdypants said...

I know those halls well....was so glad to see the walls after you came though....That art teacher is a huge inspiration to me and I'm honored and privileged to be a part of that mural project.
Thank you for contributing your message and art,
Much respect,